Sustainable Energy Marketplace

Number of projects in the market place
988 MW
Combined capacity of projects in the market place (power generation projects only)
2.4 bn US$
Total investment cost



As part of IRENA's objective to sustain and facilitate the spread of renewable energy technologies, IRENA has implemented a virtual market place for renewable energy projects. The Sustainable Energy Marketplace is a free platform, for project owners, governments, financiers, and service and technology providers to help develop and drive investments to new renewable energy projects.


The objective of the virtual market place is to accelerate the scale-up of investments – both public and private – to promote initiation, development and financing of low-carbon renewable energy projects by bringing together project owners, governments, financiers, and service and technology providers. It makes investment opportunities visible and easily identifiable for investors and helps project developers to identify relevant funding sources and expertise.

 The virtual market place will bring together project owners, governments, financiers, and service/technology providers to:

  • search for information of interest like projects with certain investment criteria, financing sources, or advisors according to specific needs of a project;
  • find information about and contact relevant entities, projects or financing instruments;
  • create a virtual data room to organize and share confidential information with selected financiers, advisors, etc.;
  • communicate directly with IRENA on specific needs and interests;
  • access project development tools and data on markets, regulations and incentives.

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Event calendar

  • Africa-EU Renewable Energy Cooperation Programme - Off-grid Matchmaking Event
    Nairobi, Kenya
  • 4th Annual Powering Africa: Nigeria 2016
    Abuja, Nigeria
  • Unlocking Solar Capital in Africa
    Nairobi, Kenya
  • East Africa Festival of Energy 2016
    Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania
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Project Navigator

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